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Digital Marketing for Insurance Agents

The image that is proven to convert best is of happy people looking directly into the camera. So, we use lots of team photos in boosted posts. Your smiling team members increase the odds that a user will recognize someone in the ad and contact you. Using graphics in the  background can illustrate that you help people get more for their money and that you insure a lot more than cars! You’ll actually get positive feedback on your advertising!


Focus on highly likely insurance shoppers.

The low cost of ads and posts, about a penny or two per prospect, and Funnel Full's low fees make it profitable to advertise several lines of insurance at once. 


Warm up your best prospects.

There are two basic digital marketing strategies. The first is to set yourself apart by consistently warming up prospects to do business with you. Photos can be used in this strategy. The second strategy is to appear at the top of the search results when prospects begin there. Here, only words appear until the user clicks on a particular ad or listing.  Both can work, but we focus helping agents warm up their best prospects!

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