Frequently Asked Questions


What will I be able to control within my plan?

· Ad and boosted post territory: ZIP Codes and/or radius  

· Target audiences in terms of age, gender, behaviors: moving, home buying, etc. 

· Ads and placement: Facebook, Instagram, and other apps 

· Call to action:  “Contact Us” to M1 or Microsite, “Shop Now” to Quote Landing Page, or “Call Now.” 

How much of my recurring amount is spent on my behalf?

Aside from the $75 monthly fee, 75% of your dollars buy ads at wholesale, guaranteed. You can run an ad campaign for as little as $40 a month.  Unspent dollars roll over to next month. There’s no set-up fee, and the initial trial is three months. 

How many ad impressions does a $40 ad deliver?

5,000 to 12,000 impressions in most instances. For example, 2,500 users see an ad 4 times this month for a total of 10,000 impressions. Even better, these impressions are focused on likely buyers in terms of location, behaviors, interests, and other demographics.  

What’s an easy way to decide how much to spend on each ad?

Ask for our sample plan and choose your most competitive categories. Then, prioritize based on which categories will likely deliver the highest ROI. Here are two examples:

A metro insurance agent has several thousand first-time home buyers-to-be nearby. She sends $100 in Homeowners ads targeting them. Her locale has just as many renters as homeowners, so she also spends $100 on Renters ads targeting renters who are currently shopping for a vehicle.

A rural agent wants to reach Homeowners with one ad and Renters with another. There are twice as many home owners as renters, so he spends $120 on Homeowners and $60 on Renters. With $100 for Homeowners, he can run two separate ads, one with just him and the logo and one with his team.

Can you take a look at my digital presence and help me improve it?

We’ve compiled over 20 factors that improve search engine optimization and overall digital results. We’ll examine your website, Facebook page, Google listing, and provide green or red signals and help you turn any red lights gr

How can I learn more?

Take 4 minutes to watch our video and contact us for more information!